Wednesday, 21 March 2012

okay im gonna respond on my novel- Purple Heart  ;)
I thought it was really good, it had some really sad moments, especially when Andrew went in for his first heart operation, and even though I knew he wouldnt die cause there were like 20 chapters still to go and obviously he couldnt have been writing from heaven, I still thought it was sad. I learnt a lot from it and now consider myself an expert on Rhuematic fever ;D I thought near the end it got a bit boring, but that could have been cause I was reading it late at night and my mind was half asleep. Overall thought I think I will have a good selection of things to write about when writing my response.
Who's actually reading this? Does anyone really care what I think of this book? Or is it just you Ms Davie? Well, I hope you enjoyed my blog :D

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