Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nineteen Minutes- By Jodi Picoult

I read this book a few terms ago, some time last year, but it is a really good book and has connections to real life so I thought i'd write about it, cause im cheap >:D muahahahhahaha. So im gonna make this short cause i have lots of homework, and i know how you all love so much to read my blogs but too bad. The real life connections are the fact that nineteen minutes was written about the case where the teenage boy goes on a rampage through the school and shoots nineteen people in nineteen minutes, and then theres a massive court case. In the court case the mum is asked how she did not know that her son had guns in his wardrobe and she said its because his room was his private space, therefore she didnt go in it. One of the messages Jodi Picoult conveyed in the book is that if the room is under your roof, you are allowed to go inside to clean it. You should know what your kid has in their room incase its drugs or guns. Another message communicated through the book was to do with talking to your kids to find out if something is wrong, or making sure you know that they have someone they can talk to. The main character in the book had no one to talk to so he goes crazy and shoots people. But it wasnt a snap decision, he had been planning it for months. His planning included making maps of the school, deciding on a suitable diversion, learning how to make bombs, and getting hold of a gun and ammunition. There are themes that arent displayed in most movies or books, and they really stand out in this book. The real life connection is the fact that its about the case, and the technique that was used was when each chapter is written by a different person, so you get every characters perspective. All of Jodi Picoults books ive read (about 7) have been written this way and i really like how I am pretty much reading three or four stories in one, because of the different points of view. and my opinions have pretty much been expressed in my blog :) but over all i really enjoyed this book, and i love all of her books. they always clearly show the themes and messages and theyre creative and interesting.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

I really enjoyed this book :) I think everyone should read it. I read it in just over a day so i cant do the chapter by chapter blog thing, ill just kinda tell the plot and how it relates to me or real life and talk about the themes.
So its about a girl called Halley who has always had her best friend, Scarlett, there for her. Whenever she had problems she would count on Scarlett to cheer her up etc. So when Scarlett's boyfriend is killed (connection to real life- losing someone close to you) and Scarlett falls pregnant with their child (connection to real life- underage pregnancies) Halley must step up to play the role of the caregiver in their friendship, a role she has never had to play before (theme- stepping out of a role to find/ become one's self). The two start learning about pregnancies and stuff and Halley falls for Macon, (connection to real life- falling for someone) a cute boy who is in her p.e class. As Scarlett's pregnancy progresses, so does Halley's and Macon's relationship. At the same time Halley and her mums relationship is falling apart. Throughout the book Halley breaks her mums trust by breaking rules and promises. Her mum forbids her from seeing Macon but Halley doesnt listen and continues to sneak out to see him. One night Halley sneaks out even though her mum tells her that this is the last straw and if she sneaks out her mum will be very disappointed. Halley and Macon have a fight and end up having a crash and Halley is admitted to hospital for a few days. This seems to be the point in the book that Halley realises what she is doing wrong and she apologises to her mum and breaks up with Macon. In the end Scarlett gives birth to a healthy girl and Halley is happy, thinking about her future and who shes become. A classic happy ending :) Overall it was a pretty good book, although i have read better books. I liked that nearly any reader can connect with something going on in the book, whether its falling in love, breaking rules, losing relationships with family or friends, or having to find yourself, or even having to switch roles with someone in a friendship when something big happens. I liked the themes the author portrayed, about Halley having to find herself and stuff. :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson

I know this is a sort of childish book but Jacqueline Wilson writes really good books that are easy to read and I can finish in a day. I loved this book and couldnt put it down. Wow I sound like one of those book reviewers.
The story is about a girl, Prudence, who has been home schooled almost all her life by her strict father. When her father falls ill and gets rushed to hospital Prudence and her sister Grace, are allowed to go to school. They are enrolled at a low level school as it is the only one without a waiting list already full. On their first day, the girls wear horrible home made dresses because their family is old fashioned and poor and connot afford the uniform for about two weeks. Their outfits do not give the girls good labels and they are mocked and teased all day. While Grace makes a few good friends, Prudence finds it hard to fit in and finds that the only person she can turn to and talk to is her handsome art teacher Rax.

Im guessing the plot is pretty obvious from here. Prudence starts baby sitting for Rax to earn some money and each week looks forward to the 10 minutes she gets to spend alone with Rax in the car when he drops her home after baby sitting. Prudence tells Rax she loves him, and as the story progresses Rax falls in love with Prudence. They end up kissing a few times until Rax tells Prudence that it is wrong because he is married, has two children and is almost 20 years older than her. She will not give up and one day rushes into Rax's class at school because she is upset and they are caught embracing each other when Prudence tell Rax she loves him. Word gets around and Rax almost loses his job while Prudence is expelled from school.

Rax picks Prudence up from school the day she is expelled to say one last good bye and although they consider running away together, they agree that they can no longer see each other ever again.

The ending is sad because normally books end with relationships being all happy and cute, but this one didnt. I think the book is good for teenagers just starting high school and it is an example of forbidden love, a situation that a lot of teens may experience in high school. Although the relationship in this book is between a kid and an adult, I did not see it as pedo-ish, I found it quite cute. I guess thats the way the author writes, she always has a way of turning something weird into a really good story. I think Bonnie should read this book :) Cause shes cool :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

okay im gonna respond on my novel- Purple Heart  ;)
I thought it was really good, it had some really sad moments, especially when Andrew went in for his first heart operation, and even though I knew he wouldnt die cause there were like 20 chapters still to go and obviously he couldnt have been writing from heaven, I still thought it was sad. I learnt a lot from it and now consider myself an expert on Rhuematic fever ;D I thought near the end it got a bit boring, but that could have been cause I was reading it late at night and my mind was half asleep. Overall thought I think I will have a good selection of things to write about when writing my response.
Who's actually reading this? Does anyone really care what I think of this book? Or is it just you Ms Davie? Well, I hope you enjoyed my blog :D

Saturday, 10 March 2012