Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nineteen Minutes- By Jodi Picoult

I read this book a few terms ago, some time last year, but it is a really good book and has connections to real life so I thought i'd write about it, cause im cheap >:D muahahahhahaha. So im gonna make this short cause i have lots of homework, and i know how you all love so much to read my blogs but too bad. The real life connections are the fact that nineteen minutes was written about the case where the teenage boy goes on a rampage through the school and shoots nineteen people in nineteen minutes, and then theres a massive court case. In the court case the mum is asked how she did not know that her son had guns in his wardrobe and she said its because his room was his private space, therefore she didnt go in it. One of the messages Jodi Picoult conveyed in the book is that if the room is under your roof, you are allowed to go inside to clean it. You should know what your kid has in their room incase its drugs or guns. Another message communicated through the book was to do with talking to your kids to find out if something is wrong, or making sure you know that they have someone they can talk to. The main character in the book had no one to talk to so he goes crazy and shoots people. But it wasnt a snap decision, he had been planning it for months. His planning included making maps of the school, deciding on a suitable diversion, learning how to make bombs, and getting hold of a gun and ammunition. There are themes that arent displayed in most movies or books, and they really stand out in this book. The real life connection is the fact that its about the case, and the technique that was used was when each chapter is written by a different person, so you get every characters perspective. All of Jodi Picoults books ive read (about 7) have been written this way and i really like how I am pretty much reading three or four stories in one, because of the different points of view. and my opinions have pretty much been expressed in my blog :) but over all i really enjoyed this book, and i love all of her books. they always clearly show the themes and messages and theyre creative and interesting.

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  1. Good to see you using the blog again! Whatb other texts are you using for Connect 4.